Steve Wozniak: bitcoin is digital gold

Steve Wozniak: bitcoin is digital gold

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is a big supporter of bitcoin, although with some time and is not a cryptocurrency investor.

When asked to comment on recent statements by the Executive Director of Square and Twitter Jack Dorsey, who at the conference of Consensus 2018 in new York, said that he hopes that bitcoin will become a “natural currency” of the Internet, Wozniak said that he hoped that this prediction will come true.

I agree with what he says Jack Dorsey, and not even because I think that’s exactly what will happen, but rather because I really want that’s the way it turned out.

This statement Wozniak made during a CNBC interview on Monday during the conference “Money 20/20”, which takes place this week in Amsterdam.

He spoke positively about the limited issue of bitcoins, but stressed that he is not an investor, but simply supports.

Co-founder of Apple also stated that “bitcoin is digital gold… and I totally agree with it.”

However, in the opinion of Wozniak, bitcoin may need to change before it becomes the currency of the Internet:

You may have to abandon decentralization and the lack of a single governing body. It is necessary to create a working business model.

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