Stellar: Stellar Activity Hardwork — an outright Scam

Stellar: Stellar Activity Hardwork — an outright Scam

Fourth place in the ranking Coinmarketcap is, of course, a good result. That’s just the growing popularity of the asset cause activation of Scam — Stellar claims that the material with detailed analysis of different kinds of fraudulent schemes was typed on a series of publications, which is the platform I decided a detailed analysis of “hard forks” Stellar Activity.

Sad news for those who managed to believe in the promises of the unknown, raskruchivaya so-called hardwork Activity in the network. December 9, it did not take place. For one simple reason — nobody was going to make any hard forks, it was only a pretext to get to token of Stellar gullible cryptoendoliths.

Or inexperienced — it is worth considering that not so long ago, Stellar announced and began to carry out large-scale airdrop, promising XLM $25 for each user account who signs up to participate in the promotion. Perhaps the scammers, in anticipation of an influx not too experienced captainvalor who have free crypt, also decided to take advantage of this chance.

“The Stellar Activity — cute logo, website, average attendance Telegram channel. They promise (for free) two new token XLA for every single XLM. All this is not uncommon for the world of cryptocurrency. So there was a Bitcoin Cash and most other clones of Bitcoin. However, this is 100% Scam, designed to lure your hard-earned XLM”, — stated in the message of the official account of the Stellar Guard.

The authors give three sign pointing to the fraudulent nature of the scheme.

1) Scamera promise a reward for the dissemination of information on Stellar Activity. The more potential victims of the Scam, the better, so the scammers do not skimp on the promise.

2) Special conditions. Two new token for each XLM is a good deal. But if someone is looking for special conditions, we can now list the XLM kindly provided by fraudsters address, then to obtain 30 new token for each Stellar Lumen. While scameron managed to collect 9.6 thousand XLM, which at the current rate accounted for slightly more than $1 thousand That is, people voluntarily moved them a cryptocurrency with real value, hoping to get 30 for each new token, which today do not venture to identify anybody. However, the authors themselves Stellar Guard note that in itself such a scheme has no fundamental differences from the average ICO.

3) the Presence of “special wallet for hard forks”, that is the most serious warning signal. Shortly before the date hard forks of scamera announced the creation of the “official wallet Stellar Activity”. Users are prompted for a private key, to get their tokens XLA. What happens to a user whose secret key from the purse, where he keeps Stellar, goes straight on to explain in detail is not necessary.

A similar fate has befallen users Stellar, who believed the organizers of the “hard forks Dolphin” that evaporated along with their crypt. Stellar Guard believes that this may be the same people that Activity — at least, special purses Scam both projects use a similar method of extracting data of the user.

Team Stellar notes that Activity — definitely not the first and hardly the last Scam-a project of this kind. And encourages users to pay attention to suspicious signs, like the three mentioned items, do not hesitate to ask questions and not to neglect the additional security measures, such as, for example, purses with multipoles.

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