Stellar Lumens appeared on Huobi

Stellar Lumens appeared on Huobi

Huobi Global, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that it adds Stellar [XLM]. Deposits in the currency became available yesterday, July 25, and the withdrawal will be available from 28th July.

Recently on Huobi has been many events: the company announced plans to attract investors, the release of the new API and some improvements in the payment system. July 24, Huobi has released its own token BIX. In connection with the release token, the company announced the reward for the traders whose trading volumes BIX meet certain parameters. The maximum amount of compensation amounted to 28 BIX. There were issued 156166 BIX.

Stellar, in turn, became the only cryptocurrency (among the top 30 crypto-currencies) last week, which managed to grow by more than 20%. Recently Stellar has announced a partnership with Kodak in the framework of the flagship product of the company KODAKONE. It is a system that deals with search of images on the Internet, and Stellar will provide its blockchain technology to identify ownership rights to a specific image

Stellar also gives photographers and artists the opportunity to be rewarded for their work. Earlier, Kodak announced the creation of a token KODAKCoin, which is exclusively designed to work with KODAKONE.

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Recently XLM has also been approved Shariah transactions.

At the time of writing XLM trading at $ 0.34 with a market capitalization of nearly $ 6.5 billion. The coin occupies the sixth place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies and for the last twenty-four hours grew by almost 15%.

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