Stellar is ready to launch its own decentralized exchange (SDEX)

Stellar is ready to launch its own decentralized exchange (SDEX)

Stellar, one of the most important networks in the cryptocurrency market, ready to release its own decentralized trading platform known as SDEX. SDF (Stellar Development Foundation) is responsible for the project, which is in the final stages of development.

According to unofficial data, the exchanger may receive as early as next month, the team also plans to make changes to the underlying architecture of the platform is Stellar.

Currently, users can create a “shadow order”, which amount to more than a specific wallet. But ultimately, such orders disappear, leading to the possible manipulation of books of orders.

Thanks to the update Protocol, Stellar users will be able to buy and/or sell the exact amount of currency that they have in their wallets. Thus, the new platform will work more like a decentralized trading exchange.

Work exchanges SDEX will be built on the principles of “commitments”, which in turn will help to avoid manipulation of the order book and accounts.

The measures may seem insignificant to some market participants, but they indicate that the Stellar development Foundation Development is responsible to his project. They seek to increase liquidity with the help of new trading platforms and updates to the Protocol.

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