Stanford, Wharton, and Georgetown began to teach the basics of the blockchain and cryptocurrency

Stanford, Wharton, and Georgetown began to teach the basics of the blockchain and cryptocurrency

The 2018 year is the year of cryptocurrency in academic circles, as more and more educational institutions introduce new programs on cryptocurrency. One of the last steel Stanford, Wharton, and Georgetown – business-school of US who run such courses at the request of students.

Graduate school of business Stanford University will offer a full course in cryptocurrency since may of this year. A new class came after a coordinated campaign of MBA students, who believe innovative concept vital to their future career:

“Many of us will have to deal with the blockchain technology at work. Makes sense to learn this.

The knowledge about the blockchain give competitive advantage: an extra hammer in your tool box,” says second – year student Itamar Orr.

A group of students appealed to the leadership of the business school with a request to add a full course on the blockchain, since the subject of crypto-currencies was covered superficially, and only intermittently. As soon as Stanford opened the registration for the course, a list is immediately filled up: more than 50 candidates are in the waiting list.

Susan Atai, Professor at the school of business at Stanford University, who will teach a new course, noted that the increased interest in the courses on cryptocurrency and the blockchain is associated with what is happening in the cryptocurrency market events:

“All intrigued by the price fluctuations of the cryptocurrency: how did this happen? Many have experienced growth and decline, and this, of course, seizes, attracts great interest and encourages people to understand what is happening.”

The Wharton school at the University of Pennsylvania also will offer a course on cryptocurrency this fall. Professor Kevin Werbach said: “At the moment there are a critical number of requests for training in this area. In the foreseeable future it will be a real phenomenon in business, and in five years there will be very few business schools that don’t offer such classes.”

Students are asked to include these courses in the program, but also employers. John Jacobs, Executive Director of the school of business at Georgetown University, says he “constantly” gets calls from wall street recruiters and consulting firms that say, “You need to train specialists. We need people who understand how to apply the technology of the blockchain”.

John Jacobs added that: “Any world-class will be to train students in this field for their future competitiveness. The blockchain technology everywhere you look”.

Other universities located in financial centers such as Chicago and new York , also recently, offering courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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