Square added the ability to buy and sell bitcoins

Square added the ability to buy and sell bitcoins

The company Square, specializing in the digital payments services, has added the ability to buy and sell bitcoins to users of its popular app Cash App.

First, news that the app will be possible to buying selling bitcoins appeared last year. The company said yesterday that it will expand the number of users for which we will offer this option. However, residents of U.S. States of new York, Georgia, Hawaii and Wyoming, in which rules for working with cryptocurrencies is much more strict, yet not be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

The app allows users to send payments to their friends and family members. Unfamiliar or unfamiliar people to send bitcoin will fail. What criteria will determine the degree of proximity of a person in the company said.

In November last year, the company began testing the bitcoin trading. From a limited number of users able to buy and / or sell bitcoins through your accounts.

CEO Jack Dorsey, who also heads the social media giant Twitter, has supported the introduction of a new service:

We support bitcoin, because we believe that it increases the availability of financial services throughout the world.

In addition to the bitcoin integration, the company also released a special web-page which explains what bitcoin is and how does the technology behind it.

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