SONY is leveraging the blockchain in education and transport

SONY is leveraging the blockchain in education and transport

Japanese conglomerate Sony filed another patent application related to use blockchain technology in education.

It is worth noting that this year Sony worked closely with IT giant IBM has developed an educational platform based on the blockchain for safe storage of information about students ‘ progress. At the same time the company announced plans to explore the use of technology in areas such as logistics and supply chain management. It is also suggested that use of the blockchain in creating a system of user authentication.

Application Sony released last week by the Office of patents and trademarks USA (USPTO), shows how this will work in practice.

Thus, the nodes in an educational network will be managed by teachers, students or other parties that need access to these records. The educational experience will be enshrined in the blockchain after the signing of the relevant users.

This document explains:

“In this example, the blockchain as the chain of trust is used to store information including educational experience, user certificates, training programs, etc. In addition, according to the concept of smart contracts and smart property, knowledge and experiences can be share and share intellectual property for the blockchain”.

Application entitled “Electronic apparatus, method of electronic equipment and systems of information processing” indicates other possible applications of the technology, including the connection of vehicles to the network.

According to the authors of the project “Internet of vehicles” will allow vehicles to communicate information about road conditions.

The developers said:

“By connecting our proposed electronic equipment to vehicles (ie nodes) between the Autonomous objects will transmit the information using the blockchain technology. Thus, can be implemented in navigation systems and decentralized monitoring road conditions”.

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