Someone sent $ 300 million in bitcoins, paying a Commission equal to 0.04 US dollar

Someone sent $ 300 million in bitcoins, paying a Commission equal to 0.04 US dollar

Forums at Reddit’s “red-hot” a few hours ago, when the blockchain of Bitcoin was recorded to a multi-million transaction with a penny Board. An wallet were transferred 48 500,08799325 BTC, and the Commission was only Satoshi 675 (of$0.04).

At the current exchange rate this amounts to a total of almost $300 million, sent in a matter of minutes:

Users noted this transaction not only because of the multimillion-dollar sum, but simply because it is the proof of the functional benefits of using cryptocurrencies on the current financial market.

Often the traditional way of making such large transfers, the Commission is much higher, especially if the sender and the recipient are in different countries.

Discussion about the convenience of cryptocurrency transactions was very hot: one side believes that speed of delivery is a definite advantage of cryptocurrency to the banks, the other vehemently stresses the convenience of centralization, which is characteristic of the traditional banking system.

Another important aspect, in addition to the time is a small cost of the transfer of assets to the Bitcoin blockchain, in contrast to spending in traditional financial institutions.

Thanks to the implementation of the decisions of the second level, a bitcoin transaction could become faster and cheaper. Such technological solutions have been successful, despite criticism from other Aldanov such as Bitcoin Cash.

Roger Ver says that BCash — the best alternative for widespread use. He believes that instead of applying techniques such as Lightning or Network Segwit, it is better to increase the size of the blocks.

The bitcoin community is critical of this decision, could undermine decentralization, which said Satoshi Nakamoto.

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