Sold 1 million Nano’s Ledger

Sold 1 million Nano’s Ledger

Company Ledger manufacturer of cryptocurrency wallets has announced that its flagship product – hardware wallet Ledger Nano’s was sold 1 million times.

The company announced in its official Twitter account

This hardware wallet appeared on the market in late July of this year and, at the moment, is one of the main competitors for cryptocurrency wallets from the company best wallet. Many say that it is much easier to use than its competitors. And in October of this year, the Ledger Nano’s entered the top ten bestsellers in the section of computer hardware and accessories in the online store Amazon is significantly ahead of its competitors best wallet and KeepKey who were at 133 and 231 respectively

Nano S is similar to normal USB flash drive and for connecting to the computer using a USB cable. After setting up the wallet and install a special application it is possible to start to use it.

Hardware wallet Ledger Nano S supports both bitcoin and dozens of other cryptocurrencies. One of the achievements of this product is that it still has never been hacked.

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