Snapchat banned ads ICO

Snapchat banned ads ICO

The American company Snap Inc. banned the ICO is in the popular app Snapchat. This step makes Snapchat the latest from social networks, banned ads ICO cryptocurrency.

In late January, Facebook has updated its ad policy and banned the advertising of crypto-currencies and the ICO, although it still allows information and training is related to the cryptocurrency market. Last week Google made an official statement that since June of this year, prohibit advertising associated with cryptocurrencies. And Twitter, according to unconfirmed reports, it plans to make a similar statement in the coming weeks.

This prohibition applies from the beginning of February and, unlike Facebook and Google, does not apply to other types of cryptocurrency advertising. While the management of Snap Inc. declined to comment on whether there will be in future a ban on all forms of advertising associated with cryptocurrency.

In 2017, the company has raised billions of dollars through ICO. However, the popularity of supply tokens as a method of quick investing has led to the fact that they have come under intense scrutiny by the SEC, which eventually began investigating the activities of tens ICO. Also a recent survey showed that Millennials are most at risk of becoming victims of fraud and financial and technical products.

Snapchat recently came under fire after singer Rihanna criticized the social network for advertising the one game where it was proposed to make a choice between “slap Rihanna” and “hit Chris brown”. In her opinion, the company has shown disrespect towards the victims of violence. Review of the singer led to falling of actions of 4% and decrease in the market capitalization of the app by about $ 800 million.

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