Slovenia was the so-called city of Bitcoin

Slovenia was the so-called city of Bitcoin

The largest trading and storage complex in Slovenia is implementing the strategy to become “a real city Bitcoin”. The complex, called BTC City provides shopping area 500 stores, each of which accepts bitcoin.

Recently the BTC City, located in the capital of Ljubljana, commercial shopping complex with an area of 475 000 square meters, was visited by the Prime Minister Miro cerar. During his visit the Secretary of state bought him a Cup of coffee using the cryptocurrency.

Fintech startup Eligma established a system for the sale of goods that is used by a number of retailers in the BTC City, to turn it into a “Bitcoin City”. Describing the complex as “founded on business and trade ecosystem with the latest technological solutions, including bloccano, artificial intelligence and digital currencies”, the representative of Eligma explained the purpose of the visit Miro of Carrom:

The purpose of his visit was to open the international conference Beyond 4.0 dedicated to digital society and the blockchain, as well as to get acquainted with the strategy of the BTC City, which aims to become a Bitcoin City. During the morning meeting of Carrom were treated to a Cup of “crypto-coffee”, bought for him by the Secretary of state of Slovenia Taleem Slapnica through the system transaction Elipay”.

BTC company, founded in 1954 as a warehouse and logistics company, with time acquired a large number of warehouses in the North-East of Ljubljana. In 1990, the complex was rebuilt into a commercial district and was named the BTC City. Since then, the territory appeared large commercial businesses, including a hotel, sports complex, casino, cinema, water Park and the tallest building in Slovenia at the Crystal Palace.

Company BTC believes that “BTC City will create an open society that will allow users to build and develop the business environment in accordance with their wishes, needs and operating policies, based on the cryptocurrency”.

According to the plan published on the website of the BTC City, Elipay Eligma is already installed in the city shops and water Park. The property also has several ATMs with cryptocurrency.

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