Six seats, the most loyal to bitcoin

Six seats, the most loyal to bitcoin

If you are unable to open mom’s eyes to the possibilities of bitcoin, and the postman does not perceive a fiery speech on decentralization, perhaps it’s time to move to another place. Where too passionate about everything related to bacchanal, and the probability to stumble upon indifferent glance minimal.

San Francisco, new York and London and everything is clear — these cities have demonstrated their loyalty to bitcoin. Look into the distance and realize that there are areas in cities and suburbs, where the ball is ruled by miners.

You came to the right place

Fans of bitcoin can be found wherever there is high speed Internet. After all, how else to download the whole blockchain and start masternode? On the resource Nomad List gives the ranking of major cities based on several criteria, including the cost of rental housing, safety, clean air and the speed of the Internet. The palm belongs to Kansas with an 150 Mbit/s to get close to him managed the Singapore and Bucharest.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth with stately mansions of the XVII century, traditional crafts and gardens along the banks of the river little resemblance to the center of cryptocurrency development. But really throughout the state are seriously addicted to bitcoin and survivality and sympathizers, preparing for the end of the world, considered in the desert scenery and snow caps mountains of new Hampshire is the perfect place to lie low and stock up on canned food in anticipation of the impending Apocalypse.

More than 20,000 members of the libertarian Free State project Project (“Free state”) promised in the next few years to move to new Hampshire. The headquarters of the organization is Portsmouth store Free State Bitcoin Shoppe, where dirty does not accept paper — only cryptocurrency. Also, the state operates a cattle farm, where you can bitcoins to buy beef, and a number of shops where you can pay for virtual currency with the application, Anypay.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Two steps from the Museum of sex in Amsterdam Embassy is a Bitcoin community centre gather for “prayer” advocates of bitcoin. The school is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Frequent guests are the developers, startups, investors, entrepreneurs and the simply curious passers-by. The city also operates a café Bitcoin Box Shop and restaurant Bitcoin mining hardware. In Amsterdam is open and exchange with bit4coin that gave rise to many startups and cryptocurrencies ICO.

Douglas, Isle Of Man

On the shore of the Irish sea, lies the town of Douglas, the humble capital of the British Isle of man. With a population of only 26 thousand people in the city has bitcoin-bar The Thirsty Pigeon, as well as the island’s only Chinese restaurant, where you can also pay by bitcoin. There is another cause of true loyalty to bitcoins in Douglas — the island legislation allows gambling based on crypto-currencies and the sale of tokens. The Isle of man has opened 25 start-UPS in the field of digital currency, which it has been called the Island of Bitcoin.

Kreuzberg, Berlin

Berlin attracts a lot of students, nonconformists, cyberpunks and Bohemians, God himself commanded to become a center of cryptocurrency. The heart of the bitcoin culture of Berlin is the Kreuzberg district with the greatest concentration of places that accept digital currency.

Room77, “the restaurant at the end of capitalism” become an integral display ideas the most ardent supporters of bitcoin in the city. According to the website that’s where was conducted the world’s first operation in the system Lightning Network to pay for a glass of beer — what else?


Japan can rightly take the place of bitcoins most loyal to the country: there are thousands of stores that accept the digital currency, and in the main cities also has a bitcoin ATM. In Ginza, the luxury district of Tokyo, the center of trade and catering, we always welcome visitors who wish to pay with the cryptocurrency. The café-bar The Snack is installed, the bitcoin ATM, but you can pay for your order and using BTC. Ten minutes away is a sushi bar Numazuko, where they take the how bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash. After that you can look at the optics Megane Super in Ginza, where when you purchase a new receipt points will be given in bitcoin.

Ngawa, China

Not to say that the Chinese government endorses the use of bitcoins, but total prohibition has yet been issued. If you are a citizen of the PRC and the search for the brothers in spirit, you should pay attention to Nhava-Tibetan-Tanski Autonomous Okrug (ABA). There is not easy to find entrepreneurs accepting bitcoin as payment, as more than 10% of the 70 thousand inhabitants of Ngawa — Tibetan monks, far from modern technologies.

But not far, in Sichuan province, there are many farms cryptocurrency running on cheap electricity from hydropower plants. To spend days on the noisy and dirty mining farm is of course a dubious pleasure from the point of view of supporters of freedom. But if you want to get acquainted with bitcoin, it is best to start from the source of its active use.

There is still a long path to universal adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrency infrastructure creation around the world. But eager to socialize, to spend hard earned and just enjoy the bitcoin entourage existing outposts in different countries, where will take your Satoshi and divide radical views on decentralization.

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