Siacoin “saw the moon” in connection with the listing on Binance

Siacoin “saw the moon” in connection with the listing on Binance

Increasing the price of Aldon Siacoin headed To the Moon after the announcement about adding on Binance. According to the official statement of the new asset will be traded in pairs Binance token Coin (BNB), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

At the time of publication of the material Siacoin is estimated at 0.014 US dollar, by 20.14% higher than 24 hours ago. If growth continues, we can expect that the cost of Siacoin will rise to stable prices in 0.030 dollar. Historically, in the past Siacoin peaked at $ 0,09 (during the primary cryptocurrency boom), however, given that Binance sure to increase trading volume and market capitalization Siacoin, we can finally expect Aldon step over the threshold of $ 0,10.

Before you get too excited, it is worth to remember that the current “declining” market, without a doubt, Siacoin will descend from heaven, and thus, the current 20% growth will not continue forever. However, given the news of the listing Binance, Siacoin has all the chances to bring traders with income. In fact, the listing happened at the perfect time when markets move down, Siacoin to have some rest and, thus, reduced the potential impact of the current bear market on the value of the currency.

Sia is a decentralized network that forms a fast, cheap and secure storage platform in the cloud.

Currently, the cloud-storage service is mainly centralized, and data is stored on a third party server. With Siacoin storage is decentralized since each user provides their part of resources.

Sia wants to become the biggest repository for various kinds of information. With Sia, you can watch movies, listen to music and view photos. At the moment Sia is developing an app that will perform the same function as the torrent. Roughly speaking, the Sia has targeted a market segment, which dominate the DropBox and Microsoft One Drive, and the turnover of this segment is measured in billions.

Overall, listing on Binance is a great news which will surely increase the interest of investors to the Sia platform. I hope Sia will be able to maximize the current situation. At least it will bring to the markets some much needed optimism.

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