Selling verified accounts cryptocurrency exchanges – a new kind of business or a Scam?

Selling verified accounts cryptocurrency exchanges – a new kind of business or a Scam?

The world faced a wave of incredible popularity of cryptocurrency.

On major trading platforms registered more than 100,000 users per day. And Binance one day added more than 250,000 users. By order of the authorities, cryptocurrency exchanges have to adhere to strict rules of “know your customer” (Know Your Customer, KYC) and laws against money laundering (Anti-Money Laundering, AML). Each user must be approved by the employee stock exchange manually. Consequently, a thorough verification process of users requires significant effort on the part of employees. That is, if you devote to the approval process of account about 10 minutes, it is 166 666 hours per month.

Cryptocurrency platform was technically unprepared for such an influx, and some of them even had to temporarily suspend registration of new users. Therefore, many wishing to become a part of the cryptocurrency community has simply been left behind.

However, when there is a demand, there is supply. Appeared on the market a new kind of business – sale of accounts cryptomeria.

Some account holders have decided to cash in, using the panic of the people. The essence of the proposal is that the owner of the profile puts it on public sale for very decent money. Selling accounts is conducted on well-known forums and websites. For example, an ad on a famous site where sell EVERYTHING:

Sell account on the Bitfinex team, Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex and others .Write here or Telegram (Zerzen). 5000$

We already wrote about the fact what is the consequence of the purchasing of used cryptocurrency wallet. Let’s look at the options fraud with the account on the exchange.

Buying someone else’s account faces:

Lock on the exchange;Deception on the part of the seller;the Seller may at any time to restore access to your wallet and pick up the token yourself.

Hardly any one cryptocurrency exchange to support the operation of buying someone else’s account. As a result, you may encounter an account lockout.

The seller might be a fraud and demand, for example, in advance. An experienced person is alerted, but the beginner can cheat.

And remember that the first account owner may at any time to restore access to it and withdraw all your funds. Since the transfer of accounts is prohibited by the exchanges, you will find yourself in a desperate situation and nobody will help you recover stolen.

Remember that this situation with the registration of exchanges – temporary. Be patient and do not fall into the trap of scammers.

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