“Sell the house, car, children, buy Money”: CNBC Host suffered

“Sell the house, car, children, buy Money”: CNBC Host suffered

Cliptomania again captures key financial media. Transfer Fast Money on CNBC the other day surpassed herself. This is not surprising, if we analyze the growth of Bitcoin and Litecoin parabolic rise in recent months. During the transfer just mentioned huge LTC jump by 400 per cent.

Litecoin grew by 416 percent

The host has completed the release of a curious call.

“Sell the house, cars, children, buy Litecoin!”

The statement sounds at the very end of the video:

The so-called “digital silver” after breaking through the bottom on a mark of 22.93 dollar in December last year reached an astounding $ 118 in may 2019. This increase with the speed of a meteor more than 416 percent overshadows even the rapid revival of Bitcoin.

What will happen to Litecoin then?

As already reported on CCN, catalysts of this jump at least a few. The number of addresses in the chain of Litecoin in 2019 growing rapidly. In addition, the coin advertised a few famous personalities.

Despite the strong climb, the head of the Litecoin Foundation Franklin Richards advised the investors not to overdo it. In his opinion, if the price continues to rise disproportionate to the activity team, the project risks falling into a bubble.

Now the price is too far from all oncein-indicators. Although this growth has a positive effect on the project, it is quite unstable and at any moment there can be a rollback.

One of the analysts CCN is more optimistic. Referring to the upcoming halving Litecoin and several bullish technical indicators, Kirill Nikolaev predicts further growth of coins is at least 130 per cent.

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