Second bullrun, which we all missed: Bitcoin soars to 10 thousand dollars on Binance

Second bullrun, which we all missed: Bitcoin soars to 10 thousand dollars on Binance

This week, the Bitcoin community was shocked by the sudden jerk of the market. In just a few hours the main cryptocurrency was able to reach the level of $ 5,000. If it seems to you incredible, I advise you to visit Binance — where Bitcoin could jump to 10 thousand dollars. However, in a very short time. Understand the causes of Pampa.

The new height for Bitcoin

Here, for example, a tweet from Blackbeard. The user noticed that BTC has reached 10 999 USDS during the recent trading sessions. USDS is stablein, backed by Fiat from the company Stably, Inc. At the moment the coin is 414 position in our ranking. Most likely, due to lack of its liquidity, even a relatively small order to buy could cause a huge green candle.

Some traders jokingly said that this event can be considered “prophetic”, because the Bitcoin sooner or later all the same will rise to 10 thousand dollars.

Last time BTC was trading above 10 thousand dollars on 7 March 2018. This point of cryptocurrency was reached after the local wave growth. However the rally did not take place, and Bitcoin was thrown back to the support line in the area of $ 6000. A few months later she became the main hope of investors on the formation of the bottom. Unfortunately, their expectations did not come true.

Many analysts insist that the main reason for coming bullrun will be halving. With cuts in rewards per block Bitcoin will be able to reach unimaginable heights, heights which are the mark of 10 thousand dollars seems ridiculous.

Now the market price of the asset is at the level of 4966 dollar. Since then, the growth to ten thousand will mean a rise in cost by 100 percent. In the past Bitcoin has not shown such results. Recall, after the first indicators of $ 5,000 in October 2017 BTC reached its historic high in just a couple of months.

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