Seals have fallen off the Ethereum network

Seals have fallen off the Ethereum network

CryptoKitties – decentralized application based on Ethereum is gaining popularity at rapid pace and threatens the normal functioning of the network.

When we first wrote about this app, it has been the most popular, since then, the number of people willing to test the blockchain has increased several times. Users have spent more than $ 3 million on breeding, buying and selling their Pets just a few days. Currently, the average cat costs about $ 100. The problem is that it can’t buy dollars, only for Ethereum.

At the moment, the app is responsible for more than 15% of all transactions in ethereum.

Because of the incredible load most of the transaction does not go through, and is in the status pending. A lot of people willing to buy kitty complain that they can’t do it within a few days. The consequences of such a situation is not clear, yet users are still enthusiastic, but if the situation does not change, the enthusiasm will turn into disappointment.

As noted by one of the developers of ethereum Nick Johnson:

CryptoKitties definitely plays a significant role in the network, and those are the units in the network are full, although only a couple of days ago they were almost full.

World computer, hanging out for the seals?

The irony is that Ethereum claims to become a “world computer”, which will operate decentralized applications, and it all has to replace the Internet.

In this case, only one app where users sell, buy and grow kittens – threatens the normal functioning of the network.

Moreover, it slows down the network, but it also increases the transaction costs with ethereum. And the clearest way to reveal the main problem of all existing blockchains at the moment is scalability.

For Ethereum, as for other networks, there are many solutions to this problem: Raiden, sharding, Casper – but all of these solutions require significant time to develop, none of them are still not working properly and ready to use.

Johnson Lau, a supporter of one of the developers made a joke about this:

We need Ethereum Cash or many kittens will die or simply not be born.

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