Scammers in the guise of administrators ICO Seele kidnapped Ethereum in the amount of $1.8 million

Scammers in the guise of administrators ICO Seele kidnapped Ethereum in the amount of $1.8 million

ICO blockchain-project Seele, representing themselves as technology to a new level “blockchain 4.0” attracted the attention of fraudsters. Hackers stole Ethereum in excess of $1.8 million.

Attackers managed to trick investors, posing in telegrams-channel project managers. This publication reports the Finance Magnate.

According to the data ICOdrops, issue one billion tokens SEELE compatible ERC-20, was supposed to happen in the near future.

Two swindlers, posing as admins of the official telegrams channel Seele under nicknames @ SeeleSupport and @nicsmith, convinced the participants of the chat is that feature direct messages Ethereum is part of the sale.

Nick Smith, an analyst with Seele, said that fraudsters used his name and photo on the fake account in the Telegram channel.

These administrators Seele in his official statement on the Telegram channel wrote that as a result of roguish actions of malefactors, on their fake web wallet address 0xB3239EF7a0fC08d56402a44A5367b8cddaf295b8 was sent, according to preliminary data, about $1875 622,75.The project immediately created an emergency response team, and administrators were added to the algorithm double authentication for confirmation.

In an official statement reported Seele:

“We are very sorry about what happened and the fact of fraud. Although Seele has not yet begun pre-sales, we will undertake the responsibility to minimise losses to the deceived members of the community, making a detailed plan compensation.”

Many members of Seele channel in the Telegram noted that the Scam could only be done by someone from participants of the project, because only an admin can make someone a channel administrator.

Such fraud in the field of cryptocurrency and ICO are not uncommon. So, on January 29, regulators in Texas issued a decree on the cessation of illegal activity in relation to the self-proclaimed cryptocurrency Bank AriseBank because the court found his actions to be fraudulent. Also in January, the European Department for the fight against crime have been closed by the Bulgarian offices of the company OneCoin who work on Ponzi scheme.

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