SBU raided and seized all the equipment the founder ForkLog – online edition about cryptocurrency

SBU raided and seized all the equipment the founder ForkLog – online edition about cryptocurrency

December 15 at 8 am on the rented apartment of the founder and CEO ForkLog Anatoly Kaplan, and to the office of publications in Odessa, attended by representatives of the SBU with a search warrant.

As reported ForkLog employees of the security Service of Ukraine, as well as the two witnesses arrived at the apartment Kaplan in Odessa on Friday morning with a search warrant. As a result of the search, the security service confiscated some personal belongings Kaplan, including “several pieces of equipment used for the storage of cryptocurrency, laptop and some other items”.

The reason for the search was investigative actions against a group of people from the US and Ukraine, which according to the investigators have developed the criminal scheme of appropriation of funds of citizens. According to the SBU, the suspects exchanged bitcoin to Ukrainian hryvnia “using the Internet resource ForkLog”.

ForkLog insists that none of the persons or entities listed in the case, was not associated with ForkLog or its founder. The SBU also contradict the fact that ForkLog is a media/information resource, which offers exchange services of crypto-currencies, and publication in no way could participate in this process.

As says the publication, one of the Security personnel tried to send some money in bitcoin wallet of Kaplan. Then the lawyer Kaplan called the city cops to report a theft.

… Lawyer Kaplan called the police to report the intention to steal bitcoin and called for backup. Subsequently attempts to transfer bitcoins to the addresses of the staff of SBU stopped.

In addition ForkLog reports that the RAID also took place in the Odessa office ForkLog. Authorities confiscated the funds of the company, all its equipment and a bottle of rum Kraken.

Commenting on the consequences of the incident, Kaplan said:

In my opinion, this situation is just illustrated one possible scenario for the development of cooperation between the government and the cryptocurrency community, so we decided to make this a public as possible. Because it is not so much about protecting my personal interests or the interests ForkLog much about protecting the interests of the entire community. And this event is a warning to everyone who is associated with the blockchain technology, no matter how much you public. Currently we are working with lawyers on the issue of gaining access to personal property. What is particularly strange is the practice of sending cryptocurrency to the address under the control of the SBU.

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