Satoshi returned: Stichometrically analysis proved that Nakamoto is the author of a new book

Satoshi returned: Stichometrically analysis proved that Nakamoto is the author of a new book

The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, more precisely, who is hiding behind this pseudonym for nearly a decade, is a mystery. Many have tried to solve it through investigation, many impersonating the legendary Creator of Bitcoin, and some just speculated on his incredible popularity.

When 29 Jun the network suddenly appeared a small essay titled Duality (“Duality”), which allegedly is part of a forthcoming book, the community reacted calmly. Even though the statement of the author, who claimed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. The fragment was published on the website

Still skeptics commented on such zayavlyaniya, noting that in the text too many grammatical errors, and Satoshi would not allow himself to admit. However, the alleged Nakamoto countered that recently his style has become more “relaxed” as it ages and draws less attention to such “insignificant details”.

As an it specialist, cryptocurrency enthusiast, essayist and psychologist Troy Watson tried to establish the identity of the author of Duality by using the so-called stylometrics analysis using the clustering method and the Delta of Burroughs.

The collection of texts for analysis included a list of possible candidates, including Satoshi, Gavin Andresen, Craig Wright, nick Szabo, and Wei Dai. The secret weapon of this analysis was a method called “method of selection of the frequently occurring words” (MFW), which can be used to limit the amount of subjectivity in the analysis. For example, if we had a 90% rejection MFW, it would mean that will be analyzed only words that appear in 90% of the analysed texts. Watson conducted the analysis clearly shows that Duality has the same style as that of Satoshi.

Below are a graph illustrating a comparison of the new text with the materials of the aforementioned authors, as well as with the old materials, the authorship of which is stated as owned by Nakamoto.

Watson then compares the known texts Nakamoto and more than a hundred white paper to find out whether they are combined into cluster (despite considerable semantic “noise”). Again, the author comes to the conclusion that analysis is a convincing argument in favor of that passage deserves attention, and the book will be worth it to read it, if it will ever be published.

Finally, Watson compares own articles with materials Craig Wright and other authors, as well as with letters and texts Satoshi to understand whether a cluster analysis to distinguish his own style from the style of other writers:

Finally to say that the author of the text — Satoshi, in any case, not least because people are able to imitate the style of another person. However, the analysis provides a valid argument in favor of the fact that Nakamoto is back to tell us your story.

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