Satoshi Nakamoto would be interested in the Atlas project

Satoshi Nakamoto would be interested in the Atlas project

Justin San, the founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, said that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, Creator of bitcoin, would be interested in the Atlas project.

Think himself Satoshi Nakamoto was interested in our project “Atlas”.

William ward, a Litecoin enthusiast, and Tron noted that Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity remains unknown, mentioned BitTorrent in one of his letters. Satoshi, in particular, noted that in order to PoW token began to represent some interest as a monetary unit, it must operate in a large network. He refers to BitTorrent, as an example of such a network.

Recently, the Foundation purchased the Tron BitTorrent. Currently BitTorrent has over 150 million users, thanks to what Tron said that is one of the “largest decentralized Internet ecosystem in the world.”

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Currently, BitTorrent is part of the project “Atlas”. In the framework of this project the company intends to improve the BitTorrent Protocol by accelerating its work, and other innovations. More information about the Atlas project will be known on 31 August 2018.

According to Justin Sanaa, the Atlas project will allow Tron to beat Ethereum and become the most powerful blockchain platform in the world.

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