Samsung will begin producing the ASIC.

Samsung will begin producing the ASIC.

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung will begin to produce ASIC for mining of cryptocurrencies in partnership with the Taiwanese company.

According to local news publication The Bell, a partnership with TSMC of Taiwan Taiwan is already bearing its first fruit in the form start of mass production equipment.

Samsung also decided to join the race to ASIC-s. According to The Bell companies confirmed the partnership, but analysts believe that making any forecasts for earnings – prematurely.

Taiwanese company TSMC is the supplier of Bitmain, which is currently the market leader in the production of the ASIC.

Mining farm of BU smartphones

In late October, during a developers conference in San Francisco, Samsung has hinted at interest in mining and has published experimental mining-farm collected from BU phones.

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ASIC and Kodak

Earlier this month, with the equally unexpected statement was made by Kodak, when it announced its ASIC for mining cryptocurrency, and with it its proposal for the services of cloud mining.

However, the company’s offer was met with great enthusiasm, and one journalist even called it “the most stupid offer throughout the exhibition.

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