Samson Mau: IPO Bitmain incredibly risky with Bitcoin Cash. Comments By Jihan Wu

Samson Mau: IPO Bitmain incredibly risky with Bitcoin Cash. Comments By Jihan Wu

The recent hype about the IPO Bitmain attracted a lot of attention from the cryptocurrency community. Especially all puzzled by the fact that the largest mining company mining Bitcoin relies on Bitcoin Cash, not Bitcoin itself.

Samson Mau, head of the security Department Blockstream, in your account in social networks, stated that Bitmain have sold most of their bitcoins in exchange for BCH. He also notes that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash lost nearly half a billion over the past three months, as well as the fact that the loss could be much more serious if the developer of Bitcoin have not found a vulnerability in Bitcoin Cash.

Then Samson turned to the community:

“IPO Bitmain incredibly risky for any investor. The risk of massive losses in the offing because they have no idea how to maintain a BCH, but make a bet on it. Playing stupid games, win stupid prizes”

Last week, the developer of Bitcoin, Corey field has discovered a vulnerability in the code Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. The publicity has led to mass unrest in the market, mostly in the Bitcoin community. Corey argued that if the vulnerability had been used previously, then it could cause disruption to the transaction flow, or rather, to their cancellations. For many it remains a mystery why Bitmain so actively supports such a precarious coin. So active that puts most of their money on this asset. Note the photo — the number of Bitcoin Bitmain assets over the last three years has decreased more than three times. Share Bitcoin Cash at the same time increased.

Chapter Bitmain Jihan Wu long pulled with the answer:

“Miners and mining pools should maintain a responsible gambling, and the other hand to apply counter-measures. Work together. United, not divided! BCH and BTC can develop their roadmap and to coexist in peace”

This is not the first case when the community celebrates a biased attitude Bitmain to BCH. Recently, the company proposed to develop and implement a Protocol for smart contracts on the blockchain Bitcoin Cash.

Last week, Bitmain has completed its pre-ICO. The company raised almost $ 1 billion from such top-notch companies like Tencent, Softbank and China Gold. Bitmain is going to apply for IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange in September.

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