Russian billionaire founded the state space with cryptocurrency SOLAR

Russian billionaire founded the state space with cryptocurrency SOLAR

On Earth there is a new space a state called “Asgardia”. Its first leader was the Russian scientist and billionaire Igor ashurbeyli.

About the official appearance of the new state ashurbeyli announced at a ceremony held on Monday in Vienna.

“We’ve created all branches of the nation. I can say that Asgardia was born”, — said the billionaire.

Despite the fact that Asgardia has no territory on Earth, she has about 200 thousand citizens who received an e-passport through the Internet. In the future ashurbeyli plans to launch the platform with the houses in earth orbit, and also to establish settlements on the moon.

Asgardia has everything you need for a functioning state: a Constitution, flag, anthem and elected representatives, in addition, the country is working on using a new cryptocurrency Solar for the formation of its economy. As for the connection with the Earth, ashurbeyli said that they plan to make the country independent.

“Asgardia will develop infrastructure that will not depend on terrestrial systems, he says. — Asgardians are portable devices integrated with passports, credit cards and traditional smartphones”.

Some of the more altruistic plans ashurbeyli include providing global Internet access and access to asgardian technology, and creating a fleet to protect Earth from asteroids. In the end, the head space of the state sees Asgardia not so much a country as the next step in human development.

“Outer space is infinite, and space exploration will give Homo sapiens the opportunity to become immortal as a species,” — said the billionaire.

The name of the country was in honor of the heavenly city of Asgard — the abode of the gods in Norse mythology. In addition, Asgard is mentioned in the popular kynoselen Marvel, where he is building one of the main characters — God of thunder: Thor.

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