Russia has sent a new request for the extradition of Alexander winnick

Russia has sent a new request for the extradition of Alexander winnick

A Greek court has received a request from Russia for the extradition of a suspect in a fraud Alexander winnick, further complicating the international trial.

The court consisting of senior judges in the city of Thessaloniki ruled in favor of new request for extradition to Russia. At the hearing on Monday winnick, has denied accusations of fraudulent activities and said that he’s fighting the US dominance in the global financial system. The court’s decision complicates matters, since the US and France are also demanding his extradition.

Winnick believed to be a former owner of a cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, was arrested by the Greek police in July 2017 at the request of the U.S. Department of justice. The American authorities have accused him of fraud and money laundering in the amount of $ 4 billion .

July 13, Greek court “granted the request of France for the extradition of winnik” that could lead to further extradition of the accused in the United States. However, the lawyer winnik stated that he intends to appeal the court’s decision in the Supreme court of Greece.

French authorities have accused winnik in “cheating” more than 100 people in six cities of France between 2016 and 2018. The owner of BTC-e has denied these allegations, stating that he “was engaged in the transfer of electronic money through the platform,” which, in his opinion, is “legitimate personal transactions.”

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia insists that Russia’s request for extradition winnik should be the priority, however, the final decision depends on the Minister of justice of Greece.

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