Russia denies involvement in the cryptocurrency Venezuelan Petro

Russia denies involvement in the cryptocurrency Venezuelan Petro

The Russian government denied any involvement in the creation of the Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency.

Deputy Director of the Department of information and press of MFA of Russia Artem Kozhin called the article in Time Magazine (translated article) about the participation of Russian government in launching the Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency is a fake.

The official said that the material “blatant lie”:

In any case, the Russian financial authorities have never participated in this project. During the meeting held on 21 February 2018 in Moscow, the Minister of economy and Finance of Venezuela, Mr. Simon Sickle gave a booklet about cryptocurrency Petro Minister of Finance, but only to inform Russian partners about this project.

In the article, Time noted links between some Russian businessmen and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, and claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally approved this project as a pilot that can help in overcoming sanctions from the United States.

We will remind that on Monday the US President signed a special decree banning investment and carry out any operations with the Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency.

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