Russia: blogger who “boasted” of their cryptocurrency wealth, he was beaten and robbed

Russia: blogger who “boasted” of their cryptocurrency wealth, he was beaten and robbed

According to local media reports, at night on January 14 at his home in the elite cottage village was beaten and robbed Russian cryptocurrency investor and famous online blogger Paul Nasin.

The attackers seized the funds in the amount of 24 million rubles ($425 thousand) . A group of assailants in masks tied nesina and stole a safe containing cash and “sensitive documents”.

Paul Nasin, blogger: “They flew into the house and immediately my butt from the gun hit in the eye, put on the floor, tied up. Then ran to the second floor, tied my friend. Began to threaten. Wanted to kidnap. In the end, he learned that the house has the cash, took the box. There was the equivalent of 24 million rubles, and many of the documents that I needed in life”.

Resin, millionaire cryptocurrency investments, who “created himself”. The guy is not just “bragged” on the Internet for its wealth, did not forget to mention it at the meetings of famous bloggers, who often visited .

23-year-old resin from St. Petersburg leading online blog about ways to earn crypto currencies. Also nashin is the founder of the YouTube channel, which has about 15,000 subscribers.

The attackers destroyed all electronic equipment in the house nesina and fled the scene in the Mercedes. The attackers brought with them and the laptop that resin used for trading on exchanges. Himself Nasin haven’t figured out whether its a hacked account, so the full damage is not yet estimated.

On the fact of armed assault criminal case is brought.

Other incidents

Earlier we wrote about the kidnapping of the Director General of the exchange EXMO Paul Lerner in Kiev. Paul has only released after payment of ransom in the amount of $ 1 million.

Prior to this, the SBU, allegedly tried to seize the funds Anatoly Kaplan, founder and CEO ForkLog, during a RAID at his place of residence, as well as in the office ForkLog in Odessa.

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