Rumor: Facebook considering to purchase cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase

Rumor: Facebook considering to purchase cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase

A couple of days ago in the Internet appeared the stunning news that the giant social networking Facebook is going to buy Coinbase — one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

This is reported by independent media and other news agencies in the UK. Anthony Cuthbertson at the Independent on June 2 in his article proved the existence of ties between Facebook and Coinbase, which is likely to indicate a future purchase.

Needless to say, the absorption of the Coinbase company Facebook would be the biggest event for kriptonyte. However, at the moment it’s just a rumor. Between Facebook and Coinbase there is a connection, but there is no concrete evidence that Facebook is preparing to acquire Coinbase. But there are several reasons to think so.

The first reason: Facebook revokes ban on advertising of crypto-currencies

One of the signs that Facebook is getting ready to buy Coinbase, is the fact that the abolition of the ban on advertising of cryptocurrency, which was imposed in January. Last week Facebook lifted the ban, allowing companies to complete the registration process for advertising on the platform.

Some people still believe that the cause is radically different: Facebook does not want to lose the money generated by the cryptographic is.

The second reason: Management Shuffle & the Blockchain Division

The next reason is more significant: last month the social network announced a major change in the company’s history, which is to run the Department who study the Blockchain technology and how to use it in Facebook. The Department reports directly to the technical Director Facebook Mike Sripper.

Third reason: One of the key figures of the reign of Facebook is a member of the Board of Directors Coinbase

Head of the Department of Facebook, studying Blockchain technology is David Marcus. Previously, Marcus was the head of Facebook Messenger. However, David is also a member of the Board of Directors of Coinbase, one of the largest and most popular in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges.

First the rumors about buying Facebook exchange Coinbase appeared in the beginning of June, when this was reported by The Economist. However, it is unclear how the publication of this information.

Meanwhile, an article in the “Independent” again raised a wave of such rumors.

“I would not be surprised by the news that Facebook is attempting to acquire Coinbase,” said FINTECH entrepreneur Oliver Isaacs in an interview with the Independent. “Whether it will agree Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase) and the team exchange is another question.”

Coinbase did not respond to a request to comment on the potential merger with the social network, but Armstrong has previously stated that he hopes that the company’s customer base will ever grow to a billion people. The partnership with Facebook will become one of the fastest ways to achieve this.

“Today, we serve approximately 10 million customers, said Armstrong in a promotional video for Coinbase, filmed in March. “We would like to cover a billion people worldwide and introduce them to the use of cryptocurrencies on a regular basis.”

At Facebook, meanwhile, was over 2 billion users. The company may consider launch its own coins. Many suspect that the new research Department of the blockchain is doing it, or at least partially exploring this idea.

Of course, this coin will have a huge impact on the cryptocurrency community.

The Independent quoted a message in Facebook published by mark Zuckerberg, in which he expressed enthusiasm for the idea of launching its own cryptocurrency:

“One of the most interesting questions in technology right now relates to centralization and decentralization,” wrote Zuckerberg. “With the emergence of a small number of large technology companies, many people believe that technology is only centralizes power, not decentraliserad it.”

Zuckerberg then pointed to the cryptocurrency as one of the ways in which technology companies and users can co-exist without centralization.

“There are important counter-trends, such as encryption and cryptocurrencies, which take power from the centralized system and return it into the hands of the people.”

Following a few months can make a huge difference for the cryptocurrency space. By purchasing Coinbase, Facebook can suddenly change kriptonyte. This can also happen with the release of its own coins Facebook. But if Facebook will do both, it will be like a nuclear explosion in the cryptocurrency community.

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