Roger Ver: Bitcoin community stole the white paper and the brand of Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver: Bitcoin community stole the white paper and the brand of Bitcoin Cash

During the interview with Omar, a famous YouTube blogger in the space of crypto-currencies, Roger Ver, CEO shared his opinion on Bitcoin [BCT] and the BTC community.

Of course, Roger did not forget to sing an ode of praise Bitcoin Cash [BCH], who in his statement gives users 100% control over their money, and they don’t need anybody’s permission to conduct trading operations. As for Bitcoin, Ver recognizes it as a means of savings and accumulation, but considers it disadvantageous to use when it comes to large amounts.

Ver decided not to be penny wise in his statements and accused the Bitcoin community in the theft of not only the white paper but all and brand Bitcoin Cash.

“I urge everyone who criticizes Bitcoin Cash read definition of Bitcoin white paper of cryptocurrency. This is an electronic p2p payment system. If you read carefully and attentively, it becomes obvious that this description is more suited to Cash Bitcoin than Bitcoin”.

Roger wished the fans of Bitcoin around the world good luck calling people from the Bitcoin-community is false and insincere.

Later he asked if Bitcoin, in its opinion, be used along with cash if lightning network or any other technology will make its application more appropriate. What Ver said that Bitcoin should first get the second form of application.

CEO gave the following example:

“In prison, the most common form of money is the tobacco and the reason why tobacco is used as money that he has this other use to smoke. Because of this, prisoners use it as money.”

In addition to the above, Ver says, the Bitcoin is used as a means of accumulation and savings just because people like it, Ross Ulbricht and other early enthusiasts from around the world began to use it to trade among themselves:

“It’s because at that time he had the magic ability to teleport anywhere in the world. At that time people believed that the Bitcoin anonymous”

According to him, Bitcoin can never become a repository of values in the currency.

Looks like Roger is no joke went into his campaign against Bitcoin. Said there were many, said it all, so the reaction of the community for a long time will not have to wait. Whether still will be…

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