Robot Cache – marketplace, where gamers can resell a past computer game for the cryptocurrency

Robot Cache – marketplace, where gamers can resell a past computer game for the cryptocurrency

The number of applications based on the blockchain is staggering, with new start every day.

The last interesting development was the gaming platform, through which users can resell PC games on a decentralized marketplace. Sounds good, right? Let’s figure out what’s what.

Steam dominates in the industry of computer games, it online market is used by more than 18 million people. On Steam more than 1600 games available for purchase and download. However, unlike CDs and DVDs with games on Steam gamers can’t resell their games after they have occurred.

According to a recent message from Steam appeared worthy competitor called Robot Cache which claims to be the first decentralized platform computer games. Marketplace founded by the head of InExile Entertainment Brian Fargo and is actively supported by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell. The company has quite ambitious plans for service, resale of games. As said General Director of the company: main goal is to use the blockchain to provide more flexibility and transparency for computer games. The blockchain makes it impossible to create duplicate products. And because publishers will be able without fear to sell their projects, and if someone wants to resell the purchased game, it will be the same instance and not a copy.

The ability to resell games and get the money back would be a boon for gamers. Using the blockchain to decentralize the service will reduce cost, which give publishers and developers. Steam currently takes 30% of revenue, so according to the Robot Cache:

Absolutely everyone, from the smallest indie teams to the largest publishers, will save up to 95% of the proceeds from sales, which is 25% higher than the current industrial standard.

As in Minecraft, the construction business should begin with base, so to offer developers and publishers a large part of the profits is a good start. Gamers relish the opportunity to resell the passed game. Resale the developer gets 70 %, and 25 % goes to the former owner of the game.

The only possible drawback is that the payment to the reseller comes in the form of a new cryptocurrency token of IRON, and prices will determine the Robot Cache. The economy in the game platform will be controlled by IRON, and users will be able to buy this cryptocurrency, mine and buy her a new game.

However, you can only resell games purchased on the platform of the Robot Cache. The creators of the Robot Cache claim that all editions of the latest games will be available in the second quarter of 2018, but only time will tell whether gamers accept something new, different from existing online stores such as Steam.

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