Robbed another cryptocurrency trader, this time in the UK

Robbed another cryptocurrency trader, this time in the UK

Citizen of the United Kingdom, the owner and Manager of cryptocurrency trading firm was attacked by robbers.

The incident occurred in the village of Moulsford in South Oxfordshire and is considered to be the first bitcoin robbery committed in the country. The victim approached the local police on Monday morning.

By words a press-the Secretary of police:

Police are investigating a burglary that occurred in private grounds, Molesworth on Monday. During the incident no one was seriously hurt… At this stage, no arrests had been made.

The police report describes the robber as the four entered the residence and bound the woman, demanding that a trader by the name of Danny Aston, transferred the amount in bitcoins to the address of the robbers.

Cryptocurrency trading company of Aston was founded in June 2017 and operates under the name Aston Digital Currencies Ltd.

This is not the first case of an armed attack aimed to steal funds in cryptocurrency.

Previously, we reported about the attack on St. Petersburg cryptocurrency trader and also about the kidnapping of Paul Lerner, managing Director of cryptocurrency exchanger EXMO.

The unusual attack took place in Ottawa on January 23. During the robbery three armed men burst into the room cryptocurrency exchanger, but never figured out how to Rob the exchange and retreated empty-handed.

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