Ripple is investing $ 50 million in research on blockchain technology

Ripple is investing $ 50 million in research on blockchain technology

Ripple has announced that it will allocate millions of dollars to Finance University research in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Work will take place in the framework of the Blockchain University Research Initiative (UBRI), which will bring together 17 universities from around the world.

Ripple says that the company intends to allocate more than $ 50 million, as well as the “technical resources” to Finance the first phase of the work. All companies will be able to identify the topics of their research.

The company also stated that they strongly welcome the efforts aimed at “promoting understanding of the” essence of the blockchain technology, and are happy to help in the development of new curricula and thus “open” technology for students.

The initiative has already begun work in the information technology Center in Princeton on a program to study the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology policy in the United States and around the world.

UBRI is also involved in the FINTECH initiative at the laboratory of computer Sciences and artificial intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. Studies relate to the blockchain, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, and international payments.

In addition to American universities in the project will involve educational institutions from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, India and South Korea.

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