Ripple has partnered with payment provider Fleetcor

Ripple has partnered with payment provider Fleetcor

The company Fleetcor Technologies, specializing in the provision of payment services has partnered with Ripple to test the product xRapid, which operates on the basis of cryptocurrency XRP.

According to the representative of Ripple, a financial consulting company new York, Cambridge Global Payments, which Fleetcor acquired last year, will also participate in this project. Cambridge Global Payments is a customer of Ripple 2017, although they mostly used the product xCurrent.

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Just a month ago, the telecommunications company, IDT and the company Mercury, specializing in payment services, has also decided to participate in a pilot project using xRapid. And even earlier, MoneyGram also signed an agreement with Ripple in the framework of the pilot project.

Cuallix, a Mexican company operating in the field of financial services, uses the XRP since last year and in his recent post on the blog noted that the liquidity provided by xRapid, allows you to quickly and cheaply make payments between Mexico and the United States.

Ripple start-up recently managed to sign a lot of promising partnership agreements with such clients as Chinese payment company LianLian, the British unit of Santander Bank, a major company in the field of international transfers in the middle East market UAE Exchange, however, almost all of them use the product xCurrent, which, although it was developed by Ripple, but has no relation to the eponymous cryptocurrency (XRP).

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