Released a fresh version of the cryptocurrency rating from Weiss Ratings

Released a fresh version of the cryptocurrency rating from Weiss Ratings

This time Weiss analysts are optimistic about the future of EOS, which received a B rating, but at the same time against all the alternative versions of Bitcoin.

In comments to the rating analysts are advised to stay away from all crypto-currencies that have Bitcoin in the title, if this is not the original Bitcoin. In addition, Juan Villaverde, an expert on cryptocurrencies in Weiss, spoke positively about the EOS.

The Weiss rating negative rating also received DigiByte, despite all the success of the cryptocurrency last month. According to experts Weiss, the project is a man known by the names of Everett and Fort Rhett Creighton. Villaverde called him a “serial cryptanalytical” because of his passion to create new cryptocurrencies, the title of which the word Bitcoin. Among them ZClassic, Bitcoin and Private Bitcoin Prime.

The essence of this serial cryptanalytic is copy the code of an existing project, change a few pointless moments, re-branding and then promoting him as the next “revolution in the cryptocurrency industry.” They prey on the work of others, and hide the fact that their work is just a cheap imitation.

The list of these “fake” also includes cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Bitcoin Diamond of God. Villaverde also accused the Bitcoin Cash in intellectual impropriety. Since, in his opinion, the need to increase the block size to 32 MB was not due to the fact that the coin is in General not very popular.

Their real problem is that too few people are using the cryptocurrency. In fact, our latest data show that their network just handles 20,000 transactions a day. So this update were completely pointless character.

A few months ago, when the company first published its rating of many enthusiasts of the cryptocurrency was furious from the fact that Bitcoin received a rating of C+. Martin Weiss, founder of the rating Agency, said that the cryptocurrency is the number one gradually gives way to its competitors, despite the impressive market share and huge market capitalization.

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