Red weekend: the stock market went on correction. Bullrun over?

Red weekend: the stock market went on correction. Bullrun over?

As expected, the stock market has reached a phase correction to the end of the week. After non-stop growth that lasted at least the last ten days, the Bitcoin fell back to the line 4950 dollars. Simultaneously, the industry declined by $ 16 billion. We will remind, in April was installed the first annual maximum capitalization of the stock market at the level of $ 170 billion.

Where FOMO

Now Bitcoin is trading at $ 5084, over the past day main cryptocurrency has risen by 0.4 percent. Fortunately, the bulls managed to defend important support level and BTC fell to $ 4750. Note that this line will be your next stop in case of the breakout of 4950 dollars.

Altcoins have reacted negatively to the dump — most of the coins fell against the dollar to Bitcoin. The Ethereum could not reach the line of 200 dollars in one leap and fell below $ 170. However, the gap in capitalisation between the ETH and the XRP has increased to 4 billion, so the ripple will not soon get the chance to take second place in our ranking.

Litecoin fell to $ 77, but after a few hours, the coin has managed to roll back almost $ 80. EOS Bitcoin Cash feel not the best way, but also began to gradually return loss. Stellar and Cardano fell exactly 5 percent.

But the project “dodged” from the correction — cryptocurrency added to the cost as much as 25 percent over the day, even despite the fall of Bitcoin. Behind the pump there are no serious reasons. However, recently there was one interesting news — the creators of the project have donated half a million dollars to charity Binance.

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