Ready the first part of the road map Ethereum Protocol Sharding

Ready the first part of the road map Ethereum Protocol Sharding

New technologies that will allow Ethereum to scale effectively becoming more real.

Acne Buterin, at the next meeting of the developers, commented on it:

It seems that the first part of the first phase is almost ready.

The technology, known as Sharding (shards) – this is an attempt to divide the data of blockchain ethereum into more manageable pieces. Commenting on the technical specifications published on Github, Buterin said:

Theoretically, this is how should look the first shard.

With the growing popularity of Ethereum and the emergence of new applications on this network, the speed of transactions and commissions – grow. This is forcing many existing and new projects to choose other blackany for data processing. One of the popular alternatives has been the blockchain Stellar.

Buterin said that the next stage of the formation of a four-stage proposal for scaling to be completed in about a month, adding that the work will be built on a particular type of client FOR ethereum, which for proper functioning would not need to process all the data of the platform.

At its base we try to build a test network.

At the meeting Buterin also was thinking about a new consensus Protocol Casper, which is currently being tested.

And despite all the nuances that have arisen during testing and implementation of it, in General, spoke positively about him.

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