Radio: a hacker hacked a satellite to transmit messages about Bitcoin

Radio: a hacker hacked a satellite to transmit messages about Bitcoin

The hacker, who supposedly lives in Eastern Europe, managed to hack into a satellite in orbit. Now he sends it via an encrypted message in a post-apocalyptic style. One of the first noticed something was wrong the user under the name grubles. He stumbled upon a strange log when I looked through the logs of the satellite.

Message from space


The file must be greater than 1 kilobyte, so it’s time for stories. I discovered Bitcoin during the era of the Silk Road, but did not follow cryptocurrency closely, as it considered it too complicated. I again drew attention to Bitcoin in 2016, a year later I have actively invested in the industry. Last year was amazing — I sent your first payment to Lightning Network and was fascinated by the speed and potential of microtransactions in bitcoin.

And here I am, quit my job, make the first node on raspberry pi and relaying messages via satellite. Strange feeling. If you want to support an anonymous developer from the former Soviet Union, thank you. My dream is to generate 1 bitcoin. I think that’s enough for the future.


Still can’t imagine that I convey their message to a large portion of Land on their own, instantly. Interestingly, someone reads my messages? Maybe part of the photons will go into space for billions of years.


I wonder how long I will be able to convey your message to Earth?


Love you.


Can’t decide what’s cooler is to use a satellite to transmit these silly messages to Land or to make instant payments to Lightning Network? Both options are cool. I think someday I will tell this story to your grandchildren. Perhaps in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but still. Without Bitcoin I wouldn’t have so much faith in the future.


I want to create a website that is impossible to ban, censor or delete. On it everyone can talk about what you want and nobody will be able to delete anything, even your own posts. I hate it when people post something on Facebook or Twitter, and then delete the post. Everyone must answer for his words.

I think Bitcoin, Lightning, IPFS and other technologies needed to achieve my goal. Perhaps now is the computing capacity of a network is not enough, but he’ll definitely grow in the future.


Two days ago I ran in the Park puppy. I stroked him, and he didn’t want it to return to its owner. Good day.


I still can’t get used to it. I use the satellite it’s even better than the plot for sci-fi. I have to install a plate to determine the forwarding of their messages. On Twitter say that everything is working.

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