Qiwi has launched “the first” crypto investment Bank in Russia

Qiwi has launched “the first” crypto investment Bank in Russia

As reports the edition “Kommersant” Qiwi Blockchain Teсhnologies (QBT) has launched Russia’s first cryptocurrency investment Bank under the name “HASH”.

HASH based on the “classical model of investment banking,” according to “Kommersant”, is a platform for the ICO. Yakov barinskiy, chief financial officer QBT (CFO), said that the HASH “will help companies pass phase of collecting money”.

According to “Kommersant”, HASH plans to cooperate with international funds specialized in investing in cryptocurrency assets. According to brinskogo, the company is already working with ten such funds with the largest of them has a turnover of approximately $ 100 million.

Barinsky also said that HASH will provide services for trading digital currencies next year, after the company receives the necessary license. July 1, the government plans to present its primary bill for the regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain sphere.

Founded in 2007 in Moscow, Qiwi has become one of the largest payment services in Russia and also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, USA and the United Arab Emirates. The company is also included in the list of 39 international companies, which cooperate with a consortium of R3 in the identification of clients.

Subsidiary Qiwi QBT was launched in March 2017 with funding in the amount of 100 million rubles (1.6 million USD) to develop internal blockchains products.

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