Putin answered questions from bloggers about cryptocurrency

Putin answered questions from bloggers about cryptocurrency

Vladimir Putin during a “Straight line” answered the question blogger about the appearance in Russia of its cryptocurrency and state regulation of cryptocurrencies.

According to the President, the question raised by the blogger, somewhat incorrectly, as cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon.

“Their cryptocurrency in Russia may not be, by definition, just as there can be your cryptocurrency in any other country. Because when we talk about cryptocurrency, it goes beyond national borders”, — said the head of the Russian Federation.

Commenting on state regulation of cryptocurrencies, Putin noted that mining in Russia is not regulated.

“We generally treat it very carefully. In the majority of countries, cryptocurrency is not a means of payment. In Japan is something somewhat used, but in other countries this does not work, — said Vladimir Putin. The Central Bank believes that cryptocurrencies are not a means of payment, savings calculations, and they are in no way guaranteed. All of this suggests that we should treat this phenomenon carefully, carefully.”

The Russian President urged to carefully analyze the development of cryptocurrencies and examine “how Russia can participate in this process.”

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