Published the first version of Casper

Published the first version of Casper

The developers of Ethereum posted on the public access the latest source code Casper for auditors and developers wallets.

Danny Ryan, the developer of Casper FFG, published version 0.1.0 on GitHub, noting that “v0.1.0 this is actually the first version with which we can start to work the auditors and developers.”

“Friendly Finality Gadget” or FFG – is the first iteration of Casper.

In a statement on Reddit, in which he wrote about the update, he also noted that:

Contracts are now used by not only developers and researchers but also for auditors and client developers, so we decided to start to number the releases, to ensure that all these people were easier to work with.

Acne Buterin, co-founder of ethereum, the Toronto conference last week said that hurt the first version of Casper “will be one of the most joyful events for all who work with Ethereum”.

After the introduction of Casper FFG blockchain Ethereum will work on the combination of algorithm proof of work and proof of the bet.

In the initial stages of the Casper will keep the current Protocol, ethereum, and will vidirvatys the most part of transactions. The minimum Deposit for proof of the bet will be 1500 ETH, or 1.1 million U.S. dollars at current exchange rates.

Ultimately, it is planned to complete the transition to proof of stake and amount of the Deposit is to be reduced. However, the exact timetable for the transition to proof bets yet.

The introduction of Casper will also require updates to all clients Ethereum as it will not be compatible with earlier versions of ethereum, and the transition will be accomplished by hard forks.

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