Published criteria of the asset listing on Poloniex and other platforms Circle

Published criteria of the asset listing on Poloniex and other platforms Circle

The company Circle has noticed the increased interest of users to understand how the selection of cryptocurrencies on its trading and investment platforms.

One of the main objectives Circle products such as Poloniex, Invest and Trade, is providing customers access to innovative new projects that fuel the industry. As representatives of the Circle in the company blog on Medium on June 19, they are very excited to share the new structure Circle Asset Framework, the form listing assets, and also some details in the listing process.

Circle Asset Framework provides an approach to understanding the potential of each asset. It raises questions in five categories — project basis, the underlying technology of the token, the project team used the business model and availability in the market.

According to Circle, the company gives priority to the safety of funds and remains neutral the market as a whole, while welcoming all legitimate assets.

Circle also said they understand that the projects can be found at different stages of development, so the structure of the Circle Asset Framework is designed to help prioritize new lists in accordance with the capabilities, assets represent clients Poloniex.


So the project was considered for inclusion in the listing, the team must first fill out a form listing the asset. For projects that are most promising in accordance with the standards of the Circle, the company will use the information provided to start testing the implementation, safety overview and legal analysis of the asset. The team will return to set time for more specific questions and discuss next steps. Please note: the Circle will not accept any payment for listing of an asset.

The forks, swaps and airdrop

Since these processes depend on the circumstances, the company plans to evaluate them in each case. The probability that the Circle will support the forks, swaps and airdrop if they are documented, and they will announce in advance.

Delisting of assets

To delist the asset is declared over 7 days in the blog exchange, in the section “Notifications”, and in sending emails to all users who have a balance in this asset.Also, users are given 14 days after the delisting, to bring the balance from the stock exchange to a private wallet.

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