Private Bitcoin will finally appear on the exchange

Private Bitcoin will finally appear on the exchange

Recently it became known that the new Bitcoin Private will appear on a small exchange Nanex, which is supported by the NANO team.

Nanex, a small stock exchange, trading where you started with a couple XRB/LTC, is going to include in your listing Private Bitcoin (BTCP). Private cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTCP) obtained by ZClassic and fork Bitcoin and its goal of creating anonymous bitcoin.

The original coin was supposed to appear on the HitBTC exchange. But this event have been postponed. Therefore, the proposal from the team NANO was a real gift. Nanex originally intended to provide easy access to cryptocurrency project – XRB.

Still new coin (BTCP), which appeared February 28, is not supported by market prices. And trades can be open at the wrong time, when the entire market is experiencing a downturn. Recall that the fork is very badly affected ZClassic (ZCL) – immediately after the fork, the price fell from $ 18 to only 7. However, after some time, ZCL has recovered to about $ 16, before again to collapse below $ 10.

Unknown at this time what pairs are available for trading with BTCP and will there be a new cryptocurrency to be traded against the XRB. And since the volumes at Nanexнебольшие, it can bring BTCP more harm than good. Especially considering the fact that coins which were the result of pre-forked instances significantly drop in price during the General market decline.

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