Prime Minister Netanyahu called bitcoin killer banks

Prime Minister Netanyahu called bitcoin killer banks

Diplomatic negotiations in Brussels, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has unexpectedly spoken out in support of bitcoin in the media.

It is noteworthy that Netanyahu suggested that bitcoin will be responsible for the liquidation of banks over the next few years.

Netanyahu: the Price of bitcoin is increasing due to its potential

In the video on Twitter, Netanyahu probably appreciate the current growth of bitcoin as a sign of the cryptocurrency’s potential number one cause of death of traditional banks.

The key word here is “probably”, because there is no independent translation of the video.

But if the author’s words are translated correctly, comments Netanyahu, to put it mildly, provocative. In an unplanned casual conversation with the journalists on 12 December, Netanyahu raised the issue of the recent rapid growth of bitcoin.

The expected answer of the Prime Minister translated from Hebrew Twitter user and bitminer-taught Udi Wertheimer:

“You can’t sell money, since you are concerned … trust you need for a middleman. To prevent the risk of theft and other things. What is needed, and banks. Can banks to disappear over time? Yes. The fact that it pushes the price of bitcoin up.”

And, according to the translation of Wertheimer, Netanyahu has been softening his comments, suggesting that this growth will not last forever:

“Parabolic growth will not continue in any case. That’s impossible.”

The known opinion of Jamie Daimon and his supporters … now expected among politicians

Of course, connoisseurs of bitcoin around the world lacking in abundance.

In 2017 there were a lot of statements more traditionally-minded professionals in the financial industry as the enemy of bitcoin is Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan. However there were a lot of comments from big players – the most influential Western politicians.

Whether we like it or not, Netanyahu is one of such politicians. And his comments about bitcoin are critical, because people like him (i.e., world leaders) play a crucial role in the regulation of cryptocurrencies around the world.

Not that Netanyahu could wave a magic wand and legalize crypto-currencies or Vice versa to ban them worldwide in an instant.

It’s just that Israel is one of the leading world powers, and Bibi Netanyahu is its leader. Accordingly, on the global political stage awaiting the reaction of other politicians in bitcoin. And Netanyahu’s statements prove real substantial progress in the light of such dynamics.

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