President hints at Coinbase adding new currencies and IPO

President hints at Coinbase adding new currencies and IPO

In an interview with CNBC, Coinbase President Asif Hirji hinted that happens with a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the future. He also spoke about recent developments in the company.

Hirji did not disclose many details, but gave comments on a number of issues, namely which users open new accounts, whether added new cryptocurrencies, the IPO of the company.

The increase in the number of registered users

First, the President said that the trade volume has increased three times in comparison with the previous year and that the number of new accounts that appear every day reaches tens of thousands. On the question of what it’s for investors, he said that:

These are the same people who, as you might imagine, have an account in a brokerage company and would like to invest in crypto currencies… Because this asset class ripe enough, I think that among them there are many people that add it just like any other asset class to their portfolio.

New cryptocurrency?

In an interview, also heard two very relevant questions, the first of which dealt with adding new cryptocurrencies to the exchange, such as Bitcoin Cash.

Hirji did not disclose any details, but said that they published a road map for anyone wishing to add their cryptocurrency exchange:

We published a framework for adding digital assets, which sets out the criteria that we consider important for any asset before we add it… Before we begin to consider adding a new asset, it must meet these requirements… we have a framework for adding new cryptocurrency and there are many people who advocate the addition of different cryptocurrencies.


After discussion of several other issues, including bitcoin futures, Hirji asked a question about whether or not a company IPO.

There are two possibilities, one of which includes a sale of the company to another stock exchange and the second is the IPO:

Purchase – it’s a pretty expensive venture that few can afford. It definitely meets the interests of our investors … and the most obvious way for Coinbase is an IPO, but much more work still needs to be done.

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