Premiere of the series “Miners”: We are ashamed

Premiere of the series “Miners”: We are ashamed

We are ashamed because we do not remember the name of the main character and now this announcement will be sufficiently informative. And the rest — the rating of this movie is left to your discretion.

It is preferable to do a full review of the series after its release entirely, and not rely on impressions after the first series. Note — not enough credits in the style of guy Ritchie and music from “Gangster Petersburg”. Besides, no global conspiracy, no cost. Satoshi Nakamoto is crying. In General, clearly to see.

Deciding to write 3-5 paragraphs about this creation, we lazily opened the link, expecting to see another documentary about the successful miners, and retelling you the neighbor kid will tell you without hesitation.

But instead we were shown the main character with a battered face and a bunch of problems. And here became even more interesting. Most importantly, if you are a beginner miner, don’t show this show to my mom when she asks what you do. She does not understand you.

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