Pornhub is starting to accept payment in Verge

Pornhub is starting to accept payment in Verge

Site of entertainment for adults, Pornhub announced that it will begin accepting cryptocurrencies as payment.

The company has in detail told about it in a message on his blog and accompanying video. Cryptocurrency will be accepted as payment for the premium subscription, but also for other services and products. Pornhub is planning to hold special events on this occasion in new York and Silicon valley.

Vice President of Pornhub, Corey Price so commented on this event:

History shows that the adult entertainment industry plays a crucial role in the adoption of new technologies. Examples of this are VHS, Beta Max, payments with credit cards and, in recent years, VR glasses. We expect that in the near future the same popularity begin to use crypto-currencies and other technologies based on the blockchain.

Earlier, the Verge team has announced a mysterious partnership, but potential candidates have not been named.

According to the price, Pornhub proposed such cooperation Verge “after a very careful screening process.” Current user base of this cryptocurrency also played a significant role in the choice of this particular cryptocurrency .

We are very excited to offer our fans the opportunity to use cryptocurrency and I think the Verge with its focus on anonymity – the best option both from the point of view of privacy, and from the point of view of ease of use.

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