Popular financial expert is suing Facebook for illegal use of his face in cryptocurrency is

Popular financial expert is suing Facebook for illegal use of his face in cryptocurrency is

Martin Lewis, a well-known journalist and expert in the financial sector, is suing Facebook for defamation and illegal use of his face is more than five dozen fraudulent projects related to cryptocurrency. Lewis is also known as “an Expert on saving money in the UK.”

“In the past year, the social networking site has published more than 50 fake commercials that used my image and which are reviewed regularly, probably millions of people in the UK,” said Lewis. “The most common are get rich quick schemes, currently known as “bitcoin code” or “cloud-based trader,” which are actually fronts binary trading companies located outside the EU.”

Binary options trading is a very risky process (particularly for novice investors). British service customer “What?” explains:

“When you are trading binary options you bet whether the price of a stock, stock market or other asset above or below a specified price in the future. If your bet is correct, you can get a large profit; if you lose, you lose everything.”

The trial of Martin Lewis can be a big blow for Facebook.

In the lawsuit, Lewis claims that he never participated in advertising campaigns on Facebook. That is why any project with the use of his name, pictures or videos with him to promote cryptocurrency projects in social networks and third-party resources should be considered fraudulent.

“I am fighting for more than a year to get Facebook to ban the scammers use my name and photo to deceive people. I asked Facebook to verify the legitimacy of any ads with my participation, it was enough just to contact me for confirmation of authenticity. It hurts every time I see that crooks got another victim because of the trust that people have for me,” said the plaintiff.

“I don’t understand why it was so difficult! In the end, Facebook is the leader in face recognition and text. However, the network just continues to repeatedly publish these advertisements, and then relies on the fact that I personally will report same as soon as the damage will be done”.

Facebook pleaded not guilty throughout the proceedings, saying that “On Facebook we don’t allow false ads to mislead and we explained to Martin Lewis that he should report any ads that violate his rights, and they will be removed”.

The social networking giant has managed to convince legislators and law enforcement officials that he is not responsible for what other people choose to publish. If Lewis will eventually win this case, this may result in a series of trials against Facebook.

In the past the social network has claimed responsibility for protecting their users from malicious ads. As of 30 January 2018 Facebook decided to remove all advertisements related to cryptocurrency.

Despite the best efforts of Lewis, Facebook, he claims, continues to prevent the emergence of new ad using his name and face. And it even after Lewis had removed all the photos from your page.

The questions is the fact why, after ban on Facebook still appear on cryptocurrency projects. Apparently, the Scam is easy to bypass filters on social networks and continue to deceive people.

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