Played on the hype: Scammers created a fake national cryptocurrency of Ukraine

Played on the hype: Scammers created a fake national cryptocurrency of Ukraine

Scammers have decided to cash in on the fundraiser from the start of the fake national cryptocurrencies of Ukraine. The national Bank has sounded the alarm.

Ukraine, unlike Venezuela, has not got its own national cryptocurrency, but this has not stopped the fraudsters to create a prototype to make a good profit.

16 April, one of the most respected news sources in the world of cryptocurrency has published an article which said about the new cryptocurrency, launched by the national Bank of Ukraine. The token has received the name of eUAH.

The author of the article on BitcoinExchanGeguide posted a screenshot from the website of the Ukrainian project, and in the title put a question mark. Obviously, therefore, he was expressing a kind of uncertainty that the national Bank of Ukraine has actually released its own token.

As it turned out, the project site eUAH was registered very recently — on March 16. The names of its creators are unknown. The description says that the initiator of the release of cryptography are Ukrainian regulators — the national Bank and the Ministry of justice. The project allegedly began in March.

“In 2018 it is planned to release for free circulation up to 10% of the issue token. This is the beginning of life Electronic Hryvnia”, — stated in the on the website time-line.

The plan identifies that Ukraine is going to release 50 million tokens on the blockchain Ethereum, of which 5 million will be in free float. The initiators of the project there is even a White Paper that looks very similar to the usual presentation of the national Bank. It says that in 2019, the new digital torque will operate in all sectors of the economy and it will account for 15% of all payments in the country.

The strange thing is that such big news could go unnoticed cryptocurrency community of Ukraine. Also suspicious is the fact that the news of the release of eUAH published only American resources.

The press service of the national Bank disown eUAH. It was said that their pilot project to establish a national monetary unit of Ukraine in digital form using the Blockchain technology is currently under development and review.

“The details are not imposed on the public, participation in the project is carried out under conditions of volunteering,” – said the Agency.

In the Ukrainian e-government also did not hide surprise from this news. Adviser to the head of Department Konstantin Yarmolenko believes that the creators of eUAH fraudsters. According to him, their goal is to collect funds from unsuspecting users under the guise of state ICO and disappear.

On the website eUAH States that “criptografia tokens” are already available on two platforms: Forkdelta and Etherdelta. On the resource can keep track of what operations on pseudo token has already been. Although, as suggested Yarmolenko, they were a test. Maria Ivanova, who is leading the project of e-hryvnia at the NBU, said that the fraudster has already been transferred to the security Department.

However, it is not clear how you can quickly eliminate eUAH. On the project website there is only a General e-mail not provided contact person.

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