Phishing Roger, Faith quotes the court

Phishing Roger, Faith quotes the court

Against the owner Roger Faith, organized the trial for misrepresentation new users of Bitcoin. Roger was an early investor in Bitcoin, but changed his faith and turned to altcoins.

Bitcoin Cash or BCH/Bcash, formed by a fork of Bitcoin before had made a botched attempt to increase the size of the original block chain. Currently Bcash reached a level of adoption comparable to Doge ( these altcoins even similar transactions). This despite the fact that he added to most of the major exchanges and even supported payment services like BitPay.

Roger Ver, owner and the author of the expression “Bitcoin Cash — this is the true Bitcoin”, has gone too far when rewrote some sections of your website, to bring to the masses their beliefs.

By itself, this step would not be a problem, but given that the site is called and is a key link in selling Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Cash and contracts for cloud mining, aggregate, all these factors can confuse newcomers and lead them to buying the wrong Bitcoin.

The lawsuit organizes the well-known Twitter user under the nickname @MoneyTrigz, who is also the admin log CoinTimes and co-owner Anyone can join the class action by signing the petition. Most likely, in the near future will create a website with all the information about the upcoming trial.

Back to and see what shows us the website. The first thing that immediately catches the eye:

In the section specified Block Explorer Bitcoin Ticker BCH, whereas under the Ticker presents a non-existent BTC cryptocurrency Bitcoin Core.

Virtual guide that promises to help to understand what is Bitcoin, begins his lesson with these words:

There are two main versions of Bitcoin: Bitcoin is Cash and Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Cash — this is an electronic version of Bitcoin, which is faster, cheaper and more reliable.

The next slide tells the user that he can buy Bitcoin Cash on the website but in the image we can see the Bitcoin logo and the Ticker symbol BTC. Currently 99.9% of exchanges and businesses demonstrate Bcash under the Ticker symbol BCH.

On the website many more such inconsistencies. You can even organize some sort of quest together with friends to look for them.

This behavior is Roger’s Belief has long bothered and angered many members of the cryptocurrency community. Apparently, it is a point of no return. Concerned about the fact that the site first issued at #buybitcoin in Google.

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