“Permissive” bill to support the Blockchain in Belarus

“Permissive” bill to support the Blockchain in Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko before the end of this year, will sign a “permissive” bill on state support of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

According to local media, to discuss the draft decree “On the development of the digital economy,” Alexander Lukashenko said

“So fast and rapidly evolving lives, and this will not go away. And if we in this turbulent life fall behind, then we are again going to suffer, that we have something missing. It is not just about the development of the it industry and not only about high technology. The theme of the meeting is much wider. Back in the spring the decision was made to build it in the country. The name is arbitrary, but all are understandable”

The bill would authorize the activities of the cryptocurrency exchanges, but also aims at the elimination of bureaucracy, which may hinder the implementation of the blockchain.

In addition, “HTP” in Belarus — technological shelter in the style of Silicon valley, created by Lukashenko, will have the privilege to obtain financing through the ICO and usage of cryptocurrencies in daily lives of citizens.

“The state needs power. So it should be supported. I’m getting to that, earning, please remember that you live in a specific state. I will guarantee you stability, non-interference. But the order has not been canceled,” — said Lukashenko.

“The results of today’s meeting on the digital economy the President: the decree will be signed before the end of this year — svegliarmi option with 100% lack of bureaucracy, support for all applications of the blockchain in all business models, including grocery; full freedom in hiring foreign professionals, the support of education, institutions of English law and so on. The President supported the idea to greatly improve the quality of English language tuition to each child at the end of the school could speak fluently in English. The number of trained it professionals will be increased in times” — he wrote on Facebook the representative of the it community Victor Prokopenya.

With the “digital economy” Belarus is one step ahead of their neighbors. For example, in Russia there are problems with the adoption of cryptocurrencies, and the contradictory statements of the government create an uncertain picture of their future legal status.

Kazakhstan, on the contrary, more confident acting in the direction of its stated goal to become the “new Singapore region Blockchain”.

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